How To Get Ready To Start Potty Training Program

There comes a time in every little child’s life when he is graduating from his diapers. No doubt you want to learn the best way to start potty training programs. Here are some tips that can make this process as stress free as possible.

First, do not pay attention to how old other people’s children are when they started to potty train. Each child has his own internal time clock that gives signals when he is ready to learn something new. If you see your child staying dry longer and longer, that can mean that he is gaining more bladder control and that he may be ready.

Take your child with you to the store and have him pick out some underwear. Let him know that if he can keep his diaper dry for while, he can start wearing these fun underwear. This will give your child the incentive to control his bladder.

When you start potty training program, your child still may not be able to tell you in time when he needs the potty. So, you need to take him to the bathroom about every two hours to help him regulate his system. Before long, he will learn to tell you when he needs to go.

Put a child’s potty in the bathroom and see if he is interested in sitting on it. Kids like to imitate, so he might just sit on it for fun. Use a stuffed animal to play out what happens when it uses the potty.

This will put some thoughts into your child’s head. Just have your child sit on the potty to see if anything happens. If something comes out, give him lots of praise and maybe a sticker. This positive reinforcement will motivate him to use the potty again.

Sooner or later, every child will say good-bye to his diapers. The important thing to remember is to be patient and make this transition a fun experience. This is part of your child’s adventure in growing up.

You will have plenty of stories to tell about it when you look back at this a few years from now. So, just relax and watch for the signals. Your child will let you know when he is ready to start potty training program.

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